Why Choose Us

The most frustrating thing in the world is to be led to believe something is going to happen and then NOTHING!

The recruiting world is notorious for leaving you frustrated. If you are a Manager – taking your time to give a complete job order – you know how frustrating it is to be led to believe that your project will get immediate attention and priority and then NOTHING!

If you are a Job Seeker, you can imagine your frustration when you take the time to complete your resume, spend 20 to 30 minutes on the phone talking to a recruiter and that is the last you ever hear from them. Even more frustrating is having an interview and never hearing anything back.

The Gorge Group will communicate. The Gorge Group will let you know what is happening and more importantly The Gorge Group will tell you what is not happening.

It is the goal of The Gorge Group to call back 3, 4 or 5 years later and find that the person we placed with the company is still there, thinks that it is the best career decision he or she has made and the company is just as happy.

We are not interested in “drive by” placements.

Respect for both the Candidate and Managers is the key operating principle of The Gorge Group. Recruiters at The Gorge Group will not try to twist any Candidate's arm – emotionally or in any other fashion - to accept a position. This is to the Candidate's benefit, the Company's benefit and the benefit of The Gorge Group. It is the goal of The Gorge Group that every placement is for the long term and not a “drive by”. (For those of you that aren't familiar with a “drive by” placement, it is simply to place a Candidate, collect the money and “get out of Dodge” before the Candidate and Company discover they are a bad match.)

Why would any Company or Candidate ever do business with or refer a business associate to a company that does not build long term working relationships? The Gorge Group is always interested in the first placement with a Company, but is more interested in the fourth, fifth and sixth career placement.

Part of The Gorge Group “respect” is to always be up front and truthful with both the Client Company and Job Seeker. The Gorge Group will keep our Client Companies up to date with our progress on their search. We will also level with every Job Seeker about his or her particular career situation.

The Gorge Group will provide feedback from every Candidate to our Client Companies after every interview. After discussing the interview with the Client Company, The Gorge Group will give feedback to the Candidate. Good, bad or indifferent news, The Gorge Group will keep you informed.

If you are looking for a new career position and want to be treated as a person and not as a commodity, your recruiter will be The Gorge Group.

If you want to hire a quality employee and want to be treated as more than a “cash cow”, your recruiter will be The Gorge Group.

Fast Turnaround

We work with great effiecency to ensure you get your results whern you need them.


We're here to get stuff done, you can reply on us.

Up Front

We don't hide anything. We'll tell you what's not happening.


We keep you in the loop- all the time.

Long Term

We keep in communication with you to ensure you and you're employer are sure this is the best for you at any given point.

Ready to work with You

We're ready. Are you?




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Mike Howard

Managing Director

Prior to entering the executive recruiting world in 1992, I spent the previous 15 years specializing in unusual insurance risks and financial planning. In my previous life, if someone needed insurance and the other brokers turned green - that was my project. From bush pilots in Alaska, hot air balloons, hovercraft, to my favorite, a two-man submarine, I handled the uncommon risks.

There are no rating manuals for these types of insurance and each was unique. In 1992, I brought this experience in listening, developing creative solutions and negotiating to the recruiting world. I joined a leading office of the major recruiting firm in North America and quickly went from rookie to Team Leader and office trainer.

My goal is to advance the careers of my Candidates and to grow my Client Companies. It is my practice to form long term, close working relationships with both Candidates and Clients.

By taking the time to understand what a candidate really wants out of life and their career, it is possible to match them to a company that has the same goals and ideals. This creates a synergism that can work for both for the long term.

If a Recruiter first thinks of what is best for the Candidate and the Client Company, that Recruiter cannot help but be successful.

The Gorge Group was created to find solutions to problems. We don't have one way of doing things and try to force our client companies and Candidates into a specific mold. Our Recruiters are trained to listen to our Candidates and Client Companies and then to use their experience and judgment to find a solution that fits the needs of both.

My Team looks forward to creating a solution to your need.

"The future is now" - George Allen

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Judy Howard

Financial Services Firector

Prior to entering the executive recruiting world, my background was in loan administration, accounting and tax preparation for small to medium size businesses. I was also involved in financial planning. The thorough and comprehensive nature required by these professions has had a profound impact on the way that I approach recruiting.

Specializing in financial planning for families with disabilities and also professional athletes has given me a unique perspective on life. (Being only 4'9" tall and going to dinner with professional basketball players provided an interesting viewpoint. Attending the Little People of America National Convention and being the "tall" person in the crowd for the first time in my life provided a totally different outlook.)

I was a Board member for the Northwest Rett Syndrome Foundation (Rett is a neuro-developmental disability) from 1997 until 2002 and hold a designation as a Chartered Lifetime Assistance Planner (ChLAP) (specialty training for financial planning for adults and children with disabilities). Currently, I am the representative of The Gorge Group to the Oregon Bankers Association.

I've worked with little people and tall athletes. I've lived in small towns and large cities, worked for Fortune 100 companies and two person operations. I understand the importance of lifestyle and corporate culture in finding the right employee for our Client Companies and finding the right environment for our Candidates.

Long-term matches that benefit both our Client Companies and our Candidates are my goals.