This will always be your home. Your legacy is here...And here it will remain. I am blessed to have known you, and I am a richer man for spending time with you.I bow to all you were and all you still are. You will forever remain in my heart.
I love you...Bonzai!

We love you Xia,
You are light now, fly free, be happy!
~Jake Keller

Eat lots of rice, become a billionaire, our genius.
~Serina Stake

I love you, Xia. Be free, I will remember you forever, my friend.
~Scott Staples

I'm going to miss you. I know you're in a good place. Farewell my friend,
~Joeson Ung

You were the best friend I ever had; the best friend anyone could ever ask for. You were the nicest person I ever met. Miss you much "China Man." whose going to help me with my math now, and give me calculus formulas for Geometry questions? I'm truely going to miss you for a lifetime, and remember you for eternity.
Love you much,

Thank you for everything you taught me and all that you did for me. I'm never going to forget you and everything that you were. You were an amazing person that will never be replaced. Thanks for all the laughs!
I'm gonna miss you.
P.s. Got Rice?
~Shea Davis

You will always be in our hearts and our memories. See you when we see you.
~Tony Wright